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With posters, condition is one important factor in setting a price. Due to the nature of a poster’s intended lifespan and the quality of the paper it was printed on, a poster may still be classified as “very good” even when showing slight creases, stains or tears on the exterior.

(A) Mint / Excellent:
A poster with fresh colors, possibly some minimal imperfections, incl. pinholes, slight blemishes, tiny edge tears. 

(A-) Excellent / Very Good:
A poster that may have slight dirt, fold, minor tears or bubble or other minor restoration, but most unobtrusive and not distracting from the overall appearance.
A poster that was folded but is otherwise flawless is rated as an (A-).

(B+) Very Good:
A poster with some imperfections and/or folds, noticeable but not very distracting.

(B) Good:
A poster that may exhibit slight paper losses, tears, dirt/staining, folds, yellowing (light-staining) or other defects/imperfections.

(B-) Fairly Good:
A poster that may exhibit heavier than normal defects/imperfections, incl. noticeable repairs in the image area.

(C) Fair:
A poster with serious defects where light-staining, paper losses, restorations, folds, or flaking are more pronounced. The poster is otherwise intact, the image clear, and the colors, though possibly faded, are still faithful to the artist’s intent. 

Please do not bid on or purchase unless you can accept its imperfections.

(D) Poor:
A poster in bad condition. A good part of the poster may be missing, including some crucial image area; colors and lines so marred that a true appreciation of the artist’s intent is difficult, if not impossible. We rarely carry Condition D posters.

Please do not bid on or purchase unless you can accept its imperfections.

Please contact us for a detailed condition report on specific posters. We always try our best to give an accurate report and will be happy to provide larger photos.

The size is indicated in inches and centimeters, height preceding width.

If you have questions, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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