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Today is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

Today is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day
There is mail in your mailbox six days a week so let’s take time out of our day to thank the mail person who is responsible for getting it there! Thank A Mail Carrier Day (also known as Thank a Mailman Day) is always observed on February 4th. It is a reminder of just how important mail carriers are to our everyday lives. The motto of the Pony Express riders, who were the most famous early American mailmen, was “Neither rain, or snow, nor death of night, can keep us from our duty.” This motto is believed to be taken, in part, from a motto dating back to ancient times. The most popular variation of this motto is “Through rain or snow, or sleet or hail, we’ll carry the mail. We will not fail.” Some fun facts: In 1775, the Second Continental Congress established the Constitutional Post–the first organized mail service in America. Postage stamps were invented in 1847. On April 3, 1860, the famous Pony Express officially took off. In 1863, free city delivery started, and in 1896, free rural delivery began. In 1963, the Zip Code began. Source:
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