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Today in History: Disneyland opening in 1955

Today in History: Disneyland opening in 1955
61 years ago today, the “happiest place on earth” opened its doors to the public. On opening day, some 60,000 people visited the park. Admission on July 17, 1955 was $1. After several years of careful planning, construction of the huge amusement park began in 1954. The theme park was built on 160 acres of former farming land near Los Angeles, California and cost $17 million to build. As a result of Disneyland’s huge success, an even bigger theme park was built in Florida, opening in 1971. Other parks in Tokyo (1983), Paris (1992) and Hong Kong (2005) followed. In 2013, the original Disneyland greeted more than 16 million visitors who spend close to $3 billion! Interestingly enough, Tokyo’s Disneyland exceeded that number with 17.2 million visitors during 2013. PS: if you happen to visit San Francisco and have some extra time, go and visit the Walt Disney Family Museum! It is worth it.
By the way: the original Tomorrowland Art Corner poster shown here was part of our recent poster auction and fetched a record price of $30,000. We will try to find more Disneyland posters for our fall sale.  🙂
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